Jinhengli HG1035 Low speed crushe Pineapple tooth cutter granulator ,online crushing

Name:Jinhengli HG1035 Low speed crushe Pineapple tooth cutter granulator ,online crushing
Motor:1.5 kw
Rotor Speed:25 rpm
Cutter house size:230X350 mm

Product Description

Jinhengli Brand Low speed plastic granulator HG1035 

HG-10 series of low speed recycling crushers adopts a design principle combining rack cutter with cutting knife to achieve an ultra-quiet, dust-free grinding effect. It is suitable to crush materials with a low volume and a high requirement on noise reduction. It is also suitable to crush hard or tough materials such as PC, PBT, nylon and POM, etc. The machine has multiple protection devices, so it is easy to operate.


Low speed and low noise.

The blade made of high chromium is no need of grinding.

The bearing house designed with both screw sealing and groove sealing structure,no exhaust dust,to ensure the clean environment.

No screen,no pollution,and uniform particle.

Soundproof hopper effictively reduce the noise

All internal plate is made of stainless steel,it avoid the second pollution.

High safety protection design,in line with European standards

Quick dismounting mechanism is convenient for open or maintenance.

Motor designed with overload protection, it will shut down when it enters protection mode.

Diversified configuration options provide the customer's different application solution.


we reserve the right to change specifications with prior notice.


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