Jinhengli PL-800 Induction Type Plastic autoloader, Plastic resin autoloader

Name:Jinhengli PL-800 Induction Type Plastic autoloader, Plastic resin autoloader
Motor:1.5 kw
Conveying capacity:350 kg/hr
Meterial Hopper Volume:6 L

Product Description

PL series of vacuum loaders utilizes a stainless steel hopper and a high efficiency vacuum motor. Built with a motor overload protection device and material shortage automatic alarm system, this machine is of light weight, endurance, strong absorption, easy to install and operate. It can work and be installed with different types of plastic molding machines, hot-air dryers and other facilities to provide the best solution to material conveying.


1) Microcomputer control, easy to operate and maintain
2) Stainless steel hopper keeps raw materials from being contaminated
3) Sensor-type motor with overload protection to protect motor and prolong lifetime
4) Independent air filter for easy maintenance and dust removal
5) Filter window visible, easy to detect and clean
6) Reversible net or compressed air net optional, reducing maintenance time
7) Material shortage alarm system and full hopper indication


Model One-piece Style
(Carbon brush Type)
Separate Style 
(Induction Type)
PL-300 PL-800B PL-800 PL-900
Power (kw) 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Conveying Capacity (kg/h) 250 300 350 450
Max-Static wind Pressure (mmAg) 1300 1500 2300 2700
Meterial Hopper Volume (L) 6 6 6 9
Conveying Tube Inner Φ (mm) 38 38 38 38
Main Controller Dimensions (HxWxD) 600x440x360 660x420x350 660x420x370 780x450x420
Material Hopper Dimensions (HxWxD) / 400x360x260 400x360x260 500x360x260
Main Controller N.W (kg) 20 45 45 65
Material Hopper  N.W (kg) 6 6 6 7




PL-800 & PL-900 have eye windows, PL-800B do not have eye window.

The Below picture is Hopper dryer installed with induction type PL-800 Vacuum autoloader


Our Pruduct Range 

1. Online granulator
2. Central granulator
3. Industrial Cooling chiller
4. Mold temperature controller
5. Hopper dryers / Dehumidifier
6. Plastic mixers / Blender
7. Auto vacuum hopper loaders
8. Central feeding/Conveyor system

9. Robots for injection

10. Other Plas-auxiliary machinery 



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