Jinhengli HTM-920 Oil Heater,Oil type mold temperature controller

Name:Jinhengli HTM-920 Oil Heater,Oil type mold temperature controller
Heater:9 kw
Pump:0.75 kw
Max.Pump.Flow:45 L/min
Max.Pump.Pressure:6.0 Bar
Mould Coupling:3/8

Product Description

HTM series Mold Temperature Controller

HTM series of mold temperature controllers is mainly used to heat and keep the die cavity and molding machine at a constant temperature, it is also used to keep cylinders and calenders on the thermal molding production line at a constant temperature. The principle of heat exchange and the use of PID temperature controller ensure stable temperature control.


PID temperature control, high temperature control precision, tolerance within ± 1 ℃.

Using gear pumps, which are of high pressure, high flow rate, low noise and stability.

PC board with fault indication when a failure occurs, it can accurately detect the fault or abnormity.

Oil gauge designed to reduce leakage point, easy to operate.

No piping design to reduce leakage point and make the system more stable.

Using an independent over-temperature controller to prevent over-temperature danger.

Heating pipes are made of thick-walled seamless stainless steel pipe.

Electric tube designed with a large heat transfer area, which is durable.

Simple design, elegant appearance.

Two types available: water carrying type and oil carrying type.

we reserve the right to change specifications with prior notice.

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