Jinhengli PC-400 Scrap crushing machine,scrap granulator,granulator machine

Name:Jinhengli PC-400 Scrap crushing machine,scrap granulator,granulator machine
Motor:5.5w / 7.5hp
Rotor speed:500 rpm
Rotary cutter:3 pcs
Fixed cutter:2 pcs
Feeding inlet size:510x260 mm
Screen Hole Dia.:10 mm
Capacity:380 kg/hr

Product Description

PCseries economic plastic crusher PC-400

PC series plastic crushers is a powerful crusher with multi applications. Its main function is to crush all kinds of hard and soft plastics, grind block, round or strip shaped and outlet plastic into granules. It plays a vital role in prompt recycling and processing of plastic scrap, waste and recycling materials, enhancing the utilization of plastic.

It can be installed beside the main machine to crush recycled materials during the operation of the main machine. It can also be used to crush centralized materials collected from a production line.


Cutting tools made of high chromium tool steel, gap adjustable and durable.

Large flywheels to increase the torque and capacity.

Motor designed with overload protection, which automatically shut down when it enters protection mode.

Interlock safety device designed to protect the machine and operator.

Oblique cutting and double shear cutting effectively reduces dust and saves energy.

Heavy load bearing and dust-proof devices, together with sound-proof partitions, can effectively prevent vibration and noise.

Equipped with castors, easy to move.

It can also be retrofitted with foot shock, for smooth operation and noise reduction.

Detachable design for easy maintenance.

we reserve the right to change specifications with prior notice. 

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