Jinhengli HG1542 Medium-speed granulator

Name:Jinhengli HG1542 Medium-speed granulator
Motor:2.2 kw
Rotor speed:190 / 290
Rotary cutter:18 pcs
Fixed cutter:4 pcs
Feeding gate size:150X420mm
Screen Hole Dia.:6mm
Sound pressure level:70~85DB

Product Description

HG-15/22 series of Medium speed Recycling Granulators is suitable for crushing various plastics and recycling. It is easy to operate with excellent performance. Its Medium speed reduces dust and noise as well as the wear rate to the lowest point ( which can be observed more obviously from crushing of PBT material added with 20% fiber.). Utilizing European way of design, together with its compact size, this product which has multiple safety devices built in complies with European safety standards.


1) Made of bearing with high load factor,
2) Cutting tools made of high chromium tool steel, gap adjustable and durable,
3) Bearing seat stirs air convection to dissipate heat and get rid of dust,
4) Best cutting angle, which can effectively deal with waste,
5) Its Medium speed reduces dust and noise as well as the wear rate to the lowest point,
6) Smash box sound insulation design, which can effectively reduce the noise generated in the grinding,
7) Big top feed inlet port, easy for either automatic feeding or manual feeding,
8) Interlocked with high safety operation design and safety devices to meet European standards,
9) Motor designed with overload protection, which automatically shut down when it enters protection mode.  
10) European shape, compact size, bottom with castors for easy moving,

11) Detachable design for easy maintenance.

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