Jinhengli PM-500 Spiral Type mixer,Spiral plastic blender

Name:Jinhengli PM-500 Spiral Type mixer,Spiral plastic blender
Capacity:500 kg
Power:4 kw
Rotating Speed:160 r/min

Product Description

Spiral Type Color Mixer

PM-U series of spiral type color mixer utilizes its fast rotating spiral blades to take materials at the bottom of the barrel to the top and then throw them down to the bottom of the barrel again. In this way, materials are mixed and stirred. Thus, a great number of materials can be mixed evenly in a period of time.It mainly applies to the stirring or color mixing of all kinds of granular materials and solid plastic color master batch.


Spiral mixing is of low energy consumption.

Spiral circulation and mixing makes materials mixed more evenly and faster.

Made of stainless steel, easy to clean, avoids corrosion.

Equipped with automatic stop device, time can be set as desired.

Motor with overload protection to protect itself.

Detachable design for easy maintenance.

Drying type can be customized.

we reserve the right to change specifications with prior notice.

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