Jinhengli JHL-600 thick hard plastic blocks lumps crusher shredder

Name:Jinhengli JHL-600 thick hard plastic blocks lumps crusher shredder
Motor:15kw / 20hp
Rotor speed:500rpm
Rotary cutter:12 pcs
Fixed cutter:4 pcs
Feeding inlet size:600X300mm
Screen Hole Dia.:12mm

Product Description

JHL series plastic lump crusher is very suit for crushing big,thick plastic blocks/lumps...


The unique cutting structure is able to crush the maximized plastic block under the minimum power selection.

Easily assembly and disassembly the fixed knife, it is also very convenient for maintenance.

Solid rotor shaft will increase the shaft strength and safety factor.

The large beltwheel and flywheel increase the impact moment and capacity.

The manual upper box opening structure is simple and reliable.

The double-deck hopper design reduce noise and improve the safety.

motor designed with overload protection,which automatically shut down when it enters protection mode.

Interlock safety device protect the operator and machine.

we reserve the right to change specifications with prior notice.

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