Plastic Granulator For Recycling Economy

Plastic is everywhere in our lives, and not likely to corrode plastic material, insulation, low thermal conductivity, high wear resistance is the universality of daily life. Widely used in plastics led to the development of the plastics recycling industry, realization of plastic materials recycled plastic granulator "inexhaustible".

Waste plastics by modern economists honors for "treasures". China plastic products each year to increase speed of 13%, annual consumption of 3.5 million tons of plastic packaging materials, plastic sheeting to actual consumption of more than 1.1 million tons, with the development of new plastic building materials using plastics in China's market demand.

In recycling, the plastics usually require advanced into plastic Crusher into the plastic granulator granulation by plastic cutting machine cut into small particles. All kinds of plastic particles in the present market price, in short supply, growing demand for plastic industry. Plastic granulator plays a role. Therefore, the plastic in plastic recycling granulator plays an irreplaceable role in the process.

Recycled plastics granulator urban secondary recycling of waste plastics, plastic use, waste plastic recycling cheaper, processed granulation profit per ton of thousands to realize low-cost, high return. Plus the domestic plastic raw material shortage, waste plastics have great development opportunities, prospects are very broad.

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