Plastic Granulator Continue To Maintain High Growth In China

The "Twelve-Five" period, the plastic granulator for production growth rate will remain at about 10%, by 2015, the national plastic granulator for production will be nearly 12 million tons, plastic granulator in national market share in the pipeline will be more than 60%.

Plastic granulator is economical, environmentally friendly, safe and convenient features favored by the pipeline engineering. For nearly 10 years, driven by China's rapid economic development, China plastic granulator began rapid development. In 2010, the national yield of 8.42 million tons, an increase of 31.1%, the highest in the world.

With the deepening of the Western development process, "the West triangle" the formation and development of the economic zone, will become the core of the national economic development in the West. As the leading Western Chongqing, its coverage of vast regions of the Central and Western regions, is a national strategic industry base. Chongqing, in the "Twelve-Five" plan will focus on creating new energy, new materials, buildings, instrument, biological medicine, communications equipment, energy, energy-saving and 10 major industrial clusters. This will help Chongqing become Asia's largest production base, the largest national plastic product demand and market.

Facing serious energy and environmental challenges, China recently in a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology, developed between 2020 and medium-and long-term energy development strategy of science and technology development plan, the energy, environment and the formulation of development strategies, and also for the development of Chinese plastics granulator technology points the way, exploring the road to development of new plastic granulator technology is imperative.

At present, Europe and main to precision pellet granulator machine, large granulator and other high technology, high value-added models. After years of technology transfer and technological innovation, China plastic machine industry in the low-end machines in the field of granulation and manufacturing level has almost the same with the developed countries, together with the labor price advantages, making China's exports of low-end granulator accounted for half of the world. In addition, in recent years, China plastic machine industry not only in the field of mid range granulator has made considerable progress, high-end granulator also has made important breakthroughs in the field, is expected to gradually expand the market share of the Chinese press.

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