Jinhengli HCM-8A Air chiller ,air chilling machine,air cooling chiller

Name:Jinhengli HCM-8A Air chiller ,air chilling machine,air cooling chiller
Refrigerating Capacity:20 kw ,16500 kcal/hr
Output power of compressor:8 HP
Evaporator:Spiral shell and tube
Condenser:Hydrophilic chip
Fan power:0.55 kw
Tank Volume:90 L
Power of pump:1.1 kw
Maximum flow rate of pump:150 L/min
Maximun pressure of pump:2.0 kg/c
Tube outlet:1-1/2
Tube inlet:1-1/2

Product Description

HCM-A series Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

HCM-A series of air cooled industrial chillers is mainly used in cooling molds made by plastic molding machines. This product can accurately control mold temperature, shorten injection cycle and accelerate product shaping, improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce surface marks and internal stress on plastics, make sure the product neither shrink nor deform. It also applies to the plating industry, food industry, electronics manufacturing, dyeing industry, ultrasonic mechanical cooling and so on.


Cooling range: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃.

Water tank made of SUS304 stainless steel.

P.I.D temperature control, temperature control is accurate and reliable.

PC board fault indication when a failure occurs, you can accurately detect the fault or abnormity.

Using an independent anti-freezing temperature controller to prevent freezing.

Compressors and pumps are equipped with overload devices.

Low and high voltage switch control, flexible and adjustable, well protects the compressor.

Hydrophilic chip condensers to have better heat exchange effect.

Spiral shell and tube evaporators with large heat exchange capacity and stable heat exchange effect.

Refrigerant: R22, environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A is also optional.

we reserve the right to change specifications with prior notice.

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